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A 40-year experience in cancer experts: Do not the cancer when

Japan's cancer specialist

Makoto Kondo,
Aged 65, Keio University Hospital radiologist,
Practice more than 40 years,
Dare to express many of the vital public health-related advice but no one can say,
Japanese people are affectionately known as "the conscience of the medical community."

Born in a family of doctors, graduated from Keio University, Department of Medicine,
Later to the United States to study, and obtained a doctorate.

After returning as a lecturer at Keio University Medical Department of Radiology,
Specializing in radiation therapy of cancer,
Breast-conserving therapy is a pioneer nationally known.

Its achievements have been highly evaluated the whole society,
Won the "60th Session of the Kikuchi Kan Prize" in 2012
(Winning by key sectors of the immense contribution of Japanese culture).

With a "cancer do not rush to cut"
"Patients ah, do not struggle with cancer."
"Laissez-faire treatment of cancer."
And many other medical alarm sounded best-selling books.

Really let Makoto Kondo is known by the media
In 1988 he published in Japanese magazine "Literary Spring"
The article "Breast cancer is not cured by resection."
Because of this and the public perception contrary,
It is striking, and therefore a significant influence.

However, because of his articles and regular medical routine contrary to the principles,
Keio University from 1988 onwards, the doctor decided Kondo never lose eligibility for promotion.

For the treatment of cancer, Makoto Kondo doctors have different views in the book,

1. frightening is not cancer, but "the treatment of cancer."

Why are some of the original spirit of the people,
After you have cancer but could not hold it for how long?
This is because they have accepted the "cancer therapy."

As long as "no cure" for cancer,
Patients will keep a clear mind state,
Until the last moment of his life.
If handled the right way, the body can move freely.
Many cancers are not painful.
Really hurt, the pain is manageable.

If you do not appear painful, uncomfortable, unable to eat rice and other symptoms,
But in the organization's medical company detected cancer,
Well, this "cancer" it must be "pseudo cancer."
Breast X-rays alone can detect breast cancer have 99% are false cancer,
However, most patients will still be a mastectomy, please be careful.

2. Authenticity cancer was found early and then useless.

In the first cancer stem cells the moment of birth,
Cancer claimed the life time of the host had been finalized,
But because it was discovered early,
"Time to live" on the surface of the corresponding longer Bale.
Therefore, in many cases,
We must see "10-year survival rate,"
In order to determine a patient in the end have not been "cured."

3. Surgery is artificially caused serious injuries.

After surgery, physical decline,
The body will be very susceptible to infection,
There may never be able to cure the aftermath of leaving,
Died on the operating table is often the case.

If your doctor recommends surgery, then you'd better think carefully,
What happens after surgery,
Think the more specific the better.

And surgery is likely to stimulate cancer.
The medical profession there is a figure of speech:
"One surgery, cancer will be a large outbreak, would fly into a rage."
Because the surgery will leave a wound, but the wound damaged the normal cells barriers,
Blood cancer will take advantage of accelerated breeding, and ultimately a large outbreak.

4. toxic chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy can cure a Only human cancer acute leukemia, malignant lymphomas, testicular cancer, uterine cancer, these four kinds of hair,
And these types of cancer accounts for only about 10% of all cancers.
Chemotherapy can prolong the lives of patients remains to be proven,
And the highly toxic drugs, will cause serious side effects.
The older, longer smoking time,
Toxicity of chemotherapy will reflect the more obvious.

5.90% of cancers, regardless of treatment died, survival time are the same.

How any medical development, true is impossible by human cancer cure.
"Cancer is gone," touching story "miraculously survived" like the most and pseudo cancer.
Pseudo cancer just like acne,
Do not ignore it, it will naturally disappear,
Can the doctor through the media trumpeted "We put the cancer cure."

6. The wait is better

Even if a doctor determines that you have cancer,
If you do not feel pain, it is still better to wait and see.
If you really want to treat, then please a good look,
Take a look at the doctor's diagnosis is correct.

7. The surgery was successful ≠ cancer cured.

Even if the surgery has been very perfect, flawless,
Together they will certainly solid cancer recurrence.

8. The more "advanced" therapy, the more we should be careful.

Obviously a lot of technology is still in the experimental stage,
Be a crown on "advanced" word,
Patients will be led by the nose.
In short, please to therapy with "advanced" word of caution.

9. Check out the practice is full-body shot.

Approach is to check the full 360 ° from the X-ray emission, the capture cross-section of the body.

CT scan radiation dose equivalent to 1 times 200 to 300 times the normal X-rays!
1 CT scan radiation dose sufficient to induce cancer.

10. strengthen the immune system can be said to be completely ineffective.

Strengthen the immune system is not conducive to the prevention and treatment of cancer, or even completely ineffective.
Why? Because duties are immune cells to attack foreign bodies,
However, cancer cells are the body's own cells to mutate and become,
The human immune system will not be regarded as an enemy cancer.

Cancer has been able to grow to a diameter of 1 cm,
The reason will be checked out,
NK immune cells because cancer cells as the enemy did not,
That's immune system to kill cancer cells can not irrefutable evidence.

How should we do?

Forget cancer, do surgery, do not do radiation, not chemotherapy.

And other body began uncomfortable, think of ways to ease the pain can be.
Thus, in order to prolong life in the most relaxed and comfortable state.
If the doctor does not say, then do not ask,
Because no one knows in the end you can be much longer.

Whether the patient had cancer or other diseases,
Are required to complete the treatment by a physician behavior.
But the patient is not necessary to determine a treatment policy powers to the doctor,
Doctors are not eligible for the patient to find fault.

We can learn from those who constantly rolling stone.
Rolling stones are not long moss.

Activities as long as the body, and more rotation brain, the body will not rust.

Just let the feelings become richer,
Every day emotions,
Our "Five Senses" (vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch)
Not become dull.

Stay away from things that make you unhappy, cherish the joy of living.

Activities aptly hands, utter words,
Rotation of the brain, remain flexible feelings and senses.

Often walk, blood will run in the body,
Does not accumulate in the lower body, the blood pressure will be relatively stable.

Laugh, helps muscle and diaphragm movement expression,
Breathing becomes deeper, the blood circulation will get better,
Even the body will warm up.

Eat delicious food, do something you enjoy,
Can make the mood becomes pleasure,
Allowing the body to produce more serotonin, dopamine, endorphins,
Enhance desire and emotion, this way, life will become happier.

Experience tells me that as long as the mood,
Will forget a little discomfort, cancer is not large outbreak.

"Do not be depressed" stick together is the most natural mechanism, the greatest care methods.

Makoto Kondo That is, if you have cancer, do not treat a series of books in the main stand,
Should make it a natural development, cancer treatment is not only useless,
And just so that patients suffer more pain, suffering.

Or need treatment for cancer in the end?

This is an extremely complex issue,
Impossible to give a simple answer in this article.
Briefly, according to each patient's need for different conditions,
Differences in personal circumstances make judgments.

Early cancer patients actively treated
Can greatly improve the quality of life may even be completely cured.

Patients with advanced cancer, if indeed the benefits of treatment side effects of treatment can not be greater than the disadvantages,
Can be considered not to accept positive invasive treatment
But it's best to accept such pain to improve the quality of life of such treatment.
As for prevention inspection clinics, such preventive measures, early cancer really helpful,
Just pay attention to the possible side effects of misdiagnosis and inspection process.

In short, Makoto Kondo doctors to remind everyone of data,

Current cancer screening and treatment to improve survival, the average no significant effect,
The best way is to keep a healthy lifestyle and happy mood

Dr Makoto Kondo's view, cause people have different ideas for cancer,
And you, if there has been new insights into it?

Today, there is one person in three people lost their lives because of cancer.
Today seems to be someone else,
Tomorrow there may happen to me. His body only he can guard.

Share with family and friends,

From today to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with a happy mood face every day

The best remedy is to prevent cancer

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