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Autumn and winter season pruritus a pain! How to prevent skin allergies? (Welcome to share ~)

Prone skin allergies friend really hard! Xiaobian have some very sensitive skin, a little bit of dust or hit something, there will be swelling, including mosquitoes, too, the reaction will be more severe than our usual, swollen more large, and even some people have to go to the hospital ... swelling medication.

May trigger skin allergies reasons:
First, the food: There are shells seafood, fermented foods, nuts, eggs, milk, products containing artificial additives, caffeinated food, mango, strawberry, bamboo shoots, grapefruit, rice, mushrooms and alcoholic beverages.
Second, the drugs: some antibiotics, analgesics, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, diuretics, vitamins and so on.
Third, the infection: chronic tooth decay, gum disease, sinusitis, urinary tract infection, candida infection, B-type hepatitis C, viral upper respiratory tract infection, trichomoniasis, intestinal parasitic infections.
Fourth, inhalation: pollen, spores, dust mites, chemical solvents.
V. Endocrine: thyroid abnormalities, autoimmune diseases, liver kidney disease, leukemia.
Sixth, the physical nature: the sun, the temperature of the hot and cold scratching, stress, exercise, water, sweat.
Seven bites: bees, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, fire ant bites.

How to avoid allergens:
1. Dust mites, cockroaches, mold (fungus) method to avoid:
A. Do not use tatami, spring bed, feathers or animal hair products as bedding. Multi-purpose chemical synthetic nylon is that space is, silk.
B. bedspread set, bed sheets, quilt, pillowcase best wash every other week.
▲ above 55 ℃ hot water or placed in the frozen layer washed with cold water overnight and then wash.

C. bedroom should be simple furnishings, toys, easily deposited dust items and decorations out of the room.

D. interior furnishings and floor tiles to make use of smooth wood material, to avoid laying carpet.
E. heavy curtains with blinds instead.
F. Avoid broom when cleaning or Feather duster, damp cloth to wipe the surface of the application, in order to avoid dust Fei Yang, at least once every two weeks to clean. Keep clean home environment can reduce cockroach living space.
▲ When cleaning, allergic children should be avoided, after cleaning 20 minutes before entering.

G. Use dehumidifiers, air-conditioning machines and air purifiers machine to keep the air clean and temperature stability.

▲ room temperature for about 24 ~ 28 ℃, relative humidity of 50% to 65%.
H. use anti-mite, insect, bacteria supplies.

2. Dogs, cats, birds and other pets, dander and excrement to avoid: Avoid keeping pets. For support, you should keep in the house to avoid the outdoors, and often for pet a bath.
3. Avoid Pollen: Reduce outdoor exposure opportunities. Avoid planting flowers in the room, you should keep in outdoor.
4. Avoid smoking & secondhand smoke, fumes from the kitchen.
5. Avoid pungent taste such as: perfume, fragrances, mothballs, pesticides, mosquito coils and other stimuli smell burning scented substances.

Avoid non-allergens:
1. When the seasons to keep warm or when the temperature difference between morning and evening.
2. Avoid the flu epidemic during the access to public places, can reduce the chances of infection, due to respiratory infections can cause asthma attacks.
3. Dry and cold season should avoid strenuous exercise, but still encourages gentle exercise such as: cycling, jogging and swimming.
▲ experts recommend swimming as one of the best type of exercise

4. Maintain a happy mood, avoid emotional excessive anxiety, nervous excitement.

There may also be an appropriate diet to restore improve dry skin itching,
You can eat more foods rich in pectin, such as white fungus, black fungus, yam, seaweed, sea cucumber, fish skin, shark fin, chicken feet, chicken, etc. These foods can improve dry skin.
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